8 Cavity Semi Sphere Half Round Dome Silicone Mold Chocolate Teacake Baking Tray Medium

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Dimensions ( approximate) :

Mini (#26) 29.8x17.4x1.5 cm, 24 cells. Each cell dia 2.8cm, 5ml ( 1tsp 0.2oz ) ;

Small (#185) 29.8x17.4x1.9cm 15 cells, Each cell diametre 3.8cm, per hole volume 15ml ( 1tbsp 0.5oz ) ;

Medium (#1118) 29x17x3cm, 8 cells. Each cell dia 4.8cm, per hole 30 ml equal to 2 tablespoon ( 2tbsp 1oz ) ;

Large (#119) 29.5x17.5x3.3cm, 6 cells. Each cell dia 7cm, 100ml ( 3.5oz ) per hole ;

Extra Large (#1884) 30x17x2cm, 5 cells. Each cell dia 8cm, per hole 130ml equal to 9 tablespoons (0.5 cup 4.4 oz)

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SIMPLE RECIPE: Eyeball Jello Pudding

INGREDIENT:Candy thermometer, sauce pan, spoon, several one-time-use injectors, cold water ½ cup + ½ cup, gelatin 30g, natural food colorings, sugar ½ cup or honey ½ cup, butter [not essential]

STEP 1:Wrap the mold with a bit butter to avoid sticking, not essential. Add cold water ½ cup, sit aside around 1-2 hours ( part a )

STEP 2:Add ½ cup water to the sauce pan and sugar / honey. Turn the heat to high. Stir and mix.

STEP 3:After boil, turn off the heat. And wait the temperature cool down a bit to 60-70 degrees centigrade (140- 158 Fahrenheit degree). ( part b ) And then mix the part a with part b. Wait till the gelatin dissolve (around 1-2 hours) and ready to be used.

STEP 4:Separate gelatin in 3 to n parts. Add around 3-5 drops black natural food coloring to the part 1 for pupil. And place it in refrigerate to freeze around half hour.

STEP 5:Add other colors except white for second layer of the eyeball. I use blue, orange and green this time. And place it in refrigerate to freeze around half hour – 1 hour. 7 Add “white of the eye”, you may use white color or directly use the original gelatin ( it will turn out to be a bit yellow )

STEP 6:Place in refrigerate overnight then pull out of the mold

STEP 7:You may use the same technique to make nipple for the stag do night bachelor party