Silicone Instruction

Thesilicone item is the most popular kitchen utensils, baking tools in Europeanand American countries. The itemcan withstand temperature range: -40~230 F degrees celsius.  It's non-toxic, tasteless, easy cleaning andcan be in different colors. It can usein oven, microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.



1.      Siliconemolds may have a little silicone smell, this is normal. Please fill the waterin the mold and put into the microwave or oven transfer for 1-2minutes, thendrain, to die to the smell.  Do in this way for 2 times. The mold will beno taste!! Please don't worry that the smell will not go into the food.

2.      Whenbaking, it’s better to put the mold in the flat baking tray as the siliconemold is soft. Meantime Do not dry roasted mold, such as for a 6 successivemode, if only use 3 cavities, the other 3 cavities must be filled with water.Otherwise it will be burnt, and makes the serve life shorter.  In order to ensure the mold to achieve thebest effect in baking, please spray a small cup of nonstick baking oil on thesurface of the mold before baking.

3.      Whenyou make the cake, please do not fill cake slurry into the mold 100%, just makeit in 3/4 full. The cake will expand when making.

4.      Afterbaking, please remove the mold out of the oven, and place in the baking rackuntil the mold completely cooled! Please do not use cool water to cleanimmediately when it's just taken out of the oven. Just to extend the servicelife!

5.      Afteruse, please clean it with hot water and diluent edible cleaning agent or put indishwasher. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents or foam cleaning agent. Ensurethat the silicone mold is dry before storage.

6.      Siliconemold can only be used for oven, microwave ovens, and DO not use in gas andfire!

7.      Donot use knives or other sharp weapon to silicone mould and avoid stress, pull!!

8.      Dueto the electrostatic, silicone mold is easy to stick dust, if do not use for along time. it's better to place the mold in non-direct sunlight in the carton!